It’s Kidding Season at Blessed Harvest Acres!


2 Doelings 1 Buckling

Born January 15, 2023

Sunny and McDreamy had one moonspotted buckling with a small white spot on his head and frosted ears, with what we like to call “red trim” on his legs, chest, and face. One doeling is all black with the same red trim as her siblings. The other doeling is moonspotted with frosted ears.

  1. Doeling– SOLD
  2. Buckling
  3. Doeling–SOLD


2 Bucklings 1 Doeling

Born January 24, 2023

All three of Bess’ babies possess her sweet, calm, and gentle nature. It’s obvious to the eye what they get from their sire.

  1. Buckling
  2. Buckling–SOLD
  3. Doeling–SOLD


1 Doeling 1 Buckling

Born January 24, 2023

ADGA messed up on Tallulah’s registration (name only) and haven’t fixed it yet, but anyway….her first freshening and she did a great job. Waited one hour after Bess to kid her two darling (and big!) moonspotted doeling and buckling.

  1. Buckling
  2. Doeling–SOLD


1 Buckling 1 Doeling

Born January 30, 2023

Brie and Dreamy always make the cutest goats. (Bess & Tallulah are theirs.) These two are gorgeous with moonspots, spots, and those ears! 🙂

  1. Doeling–SOLD
  2. Buckling