ADGA Registered Nubian Goats


ADGA Registered


WHIRLAWAY FARMS McDREAMY is our mature herd sire, a big sweetheart from a lineage of great milkers. His ears were hurt by a pack of feral dogs at his former home.

LORBERAU LEGACY SST GIACOMO is our newest sire. He’s got champions in his lineage and is a big boy, something we really like about Nubians.

WHIRLAWAY FARMS GABRIELLE (Brie) is our mature herd dam. She is consistent in production and a sassy, smart sweetheart. She and Dreamy have a buckling and doeling available.

KEITH HERITAGE SUNNY is our mature herd dam with a beautiful udder and consistent production. She and Dreamy have two doelings and a buckling available.

BLESSED HARVEST BESS is daughter of McDreamy and Brie. She and Giacomo have a doeling and two bucklings available.

BLESSED HARVEST TALLULAH is the daughter of McDreamy and Brie. She and Giacomo have a doeling and a buckling available.

Blessed Harvest Acres

Our New Location near Beeville, TX

We are so excited to have land that is in a peaceful and quiet place. Check back after kidding season as we hope to welcome you to the farm and see how we’ve progressed!

Why You’ll Love Us

At Blessed Harvest Acres, we embrace a simpler way of doing things. It’s not always easier…but we think it’s better. We plant and grow our vegetables and herbs organically (although we are not certified). We care for our farm animals holistically. And we embrace the old skills our grannies taught us. We welcome you to come learn them, too, if you haven’t!

  • Goat Milk & Honey Soaps made the old-fashioned way, using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in small batches.
  • Goat Milk Lotions made using organic ingredients and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in small batches.
  • Seasonal vegetables and herbs available at farmer’s markets in Corpus, Rockport, and soon…a pick your own garden!
  • ADGA Registered Nubian goat herd
  • Apiary…yes, the honey in our soaps is sourced from our own hives. We sell honey, too.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Gentle on skin”

My newborn daughter’s skin was reacting to every type of soap I tried. I used BHA’s Goat Milk & Honey Gentle Formula soap and she has had no problems since…she is 4 years old now!


Rating: 5 out of 5.


My skin is usually ashy and itchy during the winter months. BHA’s Goat Milk Lotion with peppermint essential oil has done wonders for keeping my skin from drying out. I love that I don’t have to apply it over and over throughout the day.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great genetics”

The doeling we bought from BHA was gentle and sweet. Her first year freshening was not a disappointment. She has consistently produced a good quantity of milk daily and meets our farm needs. We attribute that to her great genetics.